Network problems

Kim Hawtin kim.hawtin at
Wed Jun 13 05:18:39 BST 2007

Rand Al Thor wrote:
> Nah its everything. I tried blacklisting ipv6 but to no avail.
> When I go to the network manager applet and right click, then go to connection information. 
> From IP address to Secondary DNS all the fields are
> It also says I'm using driver r8169
> The one time the internet did work and i went to connection information it came back with
> and error dialog box saying it couldn't find the globe(or glob, or something like that) entry.
> I'm going to give that firefox site a shot and retest the network again.

Fire up a terminal and check that you are using the NIC (ethernet device)
you think you are using;

whats the output of;


	route -n


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