newbie help needed

karebai karebai at
Mon Jun 11 09:09:41 BST 2007

Hopefully this will get through, nothing else has. We've finally decided to
take the plunge and give linux a try. After having a look what was around we
decided on Ubuntu. Nothing but trouble installing. After scouring forums,
websites, and whatever else we could find that wasn't written for experts,
we managed finally to get it up and running. Now for internet. Nope, our
modem isn't supported. Back to the forums ... great ... known problem with
3com modems ... us along with near 1000 others ... OK ... we found a generic
modem ... 40 odd files.. and surprise ... no instructions on how to install
... Can anybody help ... in plain aussie english, cos we are both reeling
from the plethora of information that seems to take us nowhere ....

Karen & Paul
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