Beryl Install Problems

Anthony J Brow tbrow at
Thu Jun 7 23:37:15 BST 2007

Thanks to Kyran Lange, Daniel Mons, for the reply. As an ongoing newbie,
I asked the question about this beryl in case there was simple solution.
I am not game enough to attempt the changes suggested. I have no idea
about the video card ( although I will check with the supplier). I have
tried with and without compiz. Mind you all of the beryl program seemed
to be there, but I was just looking for the "start button" as it were.
Perhaps this is a leftover trait from the WinXP  period. There was the
warning that this beryl is still in the "beta stage", so I decided
"hands off" so to speak. Mind you, I did not see the warning that beryl
is still in 'beta' before the download. I do value your suggestions just
the same.

Anthony J Brow <tbrow at>

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