Repository Mirrors - how often are they updated

Daniel Mons daniel.mons at
Wed Jun 6 01:30:17 BST 2007

I'm an iiNet user, and have never had any problems with their mirrors 
(Ubuntu or otherwise).  I find they stay within sync of the primary 
mirrors within 24 hours, which is good enough for me.  As already 
mentioned, if you're having some issues maybe contact tech support and 
find out if there's a problem somewhere between you and the mirror.

East-coast iiNet users can also download from Pacific Mirror (also a 
PIPE Networks member) without any cost to their monthly quota:

Also, if you run a business or have more than one Ubuntu machine on your 
LAN, consider using apt-proxy:

I use it for all my clients (businesses ranging from 2 PCs to 1000 for 
my biggest client) and it works marvelously.  It speeds up local 
upgrades and installs, and saves them a bucket of download quota in the 


Gavin wrote:
>  I've been an Ubuntu user for a little while now and enjoy a little tinkering
> and tweaking as my experience and competence with it grows. A few months ago I
> changed my repos to iinet's ftp mirror and thought that I was onto a good thing
> - being an ozemail/iinet customer it wouldn't count toward my quotas.   
> However, I've found that updates were less frequent, and often failed to
> download on first or second attempts. Lately, it seems worse - no updates fromm
> the iinet mirror for several weeks.  If I change the repos back to the official
> au mirror, or add other mirrors, within a few minutes there is a backlog of
> updates waiting -- if I change straight back to iinet, the 'updates available'
> icon soon disappears. 
> I suspect that iinet may not be updating its mirror very frequently, or having
> some other problems. Apt and Synaptic work fine and normal package downloads are
> usually very fast, so the iinet repo works, but I don't seem to be getting any
> updates from there.
> Any iinet Ubuntu users having similar problems? Other mirrors?

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