third ide master prob

Dale quail.linux at
Mon Jul 30 05:35:33 BST 2007

Hi James,

what is in your /etc/fstab file? the fstab file should match what the
bios has to say were drives are eg hda hdb hdc etc or sda sdb sdc etc

you should see something like
/dev/hdc  /media/cdrom


On 7/30/07, James Takac <p3nndrag0n at> wrote:
> Hi Guys
> Have a slight prob. my notebook has an internal dvd burner which the bios
> shows to be on the thirde ide master. During the initial install it showed up
> and was mountable. b4 the updates it was still there. After the updates it
> doesn't show at all. googling has shown this as a fairly common prob but not
> found any answers or workarounds as of yet. Anyone got ideas on how to get a
> drive on the third ide master to show in ubuntu again? btw, 7.04 (feisty)
> James
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