Telstra next generation phone

squareyes squareyes at
Mon Jul 23 13:22:17 BST 2007

Daniel Morrison wrote:
> Leslie Gossner wrote:
>> The Sony Erikson i got from Optus came with USB cable.  It does show 
>> up as a mass storage device but anything i transfer to it is not 
>> available on the phone.  Seems to be a one way transfer as when i plug 
>> the phone back in the files are no longer there.  Im now trying the 
>> USB card reader myself.  Ill tell you if it works.
>> Leslie
> I used to have this problem. Make sure that after copying the files you 
> don't just pull the USB cable out. You need to right-click -> "eject" 
> any usb storage device so it can finish writing files from cache.
> cheers,
> Dan
Hi, have tried 0000(phone) and 1234(dongle) pins , still can't connect, 
     _but_   have been able to transfer files via card reader.

Many thanks to all, I "ejected" the reader before removing memory  card
and now all is working.
Thanks again


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