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Mon Jul 9 01:03:14 BST 2007

I play games a lot as well and found it worthwhile to get cedega from It cost a very small amount of money and provides 
you with regular updates and the ability to vote for which games you 
would like them to work on next.

It dosent work with all games though, and I find it useful to do the 
research before setting up a new game. visit the database site and look 
for the games you are interested in, if it is supported then it should 
work fine.


Trias wrote:
> Well I was lucky installing the 7.04 AMD64 ubuntu DVD version.  No 
> problems of any real import.  Perhaps I could say windows startup has 
> slowed is about all.  I'm even posting this via linux which is 
> somewhat exciting for me but probably a bore to others I suppose.
> Well the 32 bit didn't work and the 64 bit did so i suppose I am stuck 
> with it and will have to make do as best as possible.  Seems an 
> endless argument over which to use talking about config issues, 
> support and performance.  Apparently the 32 bit ubuntu version is 
> supposed to work.  Thanks for the information links.
> My experience is mostly positive so far.  I finally found my bookmarks 
> on my windows partition.  For some reason the search in this GUI 
> didn't work on that drive.
> It wanted 27 updates.  So i click the no clue button and it updated.  
> It also wanted to install the nvidia drivers which hopefully work 
> now.  Installing those drivers made the GUI considerably crisper tho i 
> still seem unable to go beyond 1024x768 resolution.  I usually run 
> quite a bit higher.
> It ran movies once i got the codecs.
> The GUI itself seems super clean though very simple.
> I'll have to figure out how to install stuff soon.  Fortunately 
> firefox is also my usual windows browser.  I have only briefly looked 
> at openoffice before but it was quite good then.  Everything else is a 
> mystery to me.  I play games a fair bit I know linux is weak in this 
> area but perhaps there is something if any of you could help.
> On 7/8/07, *Les Gray* <lgray at 
> <mailto:lgray at>> wrote:
>     Glad to see you're making progress. If you do end up installing
>     64-bit Ubuntu
>     you will find that you need to do a little extra work to get some
>     things
>     going, though. For example, you need to run 32-bit Firefox to have
>     the Java
>     plugin and Flash working hassle-free, because 64-bit versions of
>     those aren't
>     available yet (this is the same with Windows). This will work, but
>     requires
>     some extra set-up. There's some excellent info on how to go about
>     this in the
>     64-bit section of <> ,
>     which is a must read. There is also some
>     good 64-bit help at <> .
>     I used 64-bit Ubuntu for about 6 months, and I didn't notice any
>     performance
>     difference TBH. At this stage, any 64-bit OS - Linux, Windows or
>     otherwise -
>     is only of benefit to people who require more than 4GB RAM eg.
>     very large and
>     very intensive database servers. For the home user, there's no
>     real benefit.
>     In fact, the software incompatibilities just mean extra work for
>     you, which
>     is why I went back to 32-bit in the end.
>     Les
>     On Sunday 08 July 2007 19:18:15 Trias wrote:
>     > Good news at last.
>     >
>     > I tried the knoppix it worked no worries.  I then tried the
>     64bit DVD of
>     > ubuntu 7.04 and no worries again.  So seems the 64 bit version
>     has solved
>     > my problem at least in terms of running without installing.
>     >
>     > I admit i was quite impressed.  Browsing worked immediately and
>     ubuntu even
>     > has firefox which i what i'm used to.  Both also allowed access
>     to my hard
>     > drive ran movies etc.
>     >
>     > I guess I will try backing up and pushing the scary install
>     button now.
>     >
>     > Thanks for the help thus far.  Hopefully the install is problem
>     free.
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