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Wed Jul 4 09:01:26 BST 2007

On Wed, 4 Jul 2007 16:29:33 +1000, "Andre Mangan"
<andremangan at> said:
> Thank you for the patch, Mark,
> I have downloaded it patch and can open it but the last time that I tried
> to
> open Locations.xml it took so long that I had time to go for a walk in my
> east paddock.  After that, to actually find any section of relevance
> proved
> to be such a formidable task that I declined pursuit.
> Is there a quick way to open this file?  I assume that your patch is a
> replacement for a section in Locations.xml.
> Did you write the patch?
> Cheers,
> Andre

Hey Andre, patches are great, you can avoid the pain of manually editing
large text files. I've assumed that you are using the latest Feisty
version of gweather. Here's how to apply this patch:

1. Download the patch to your home directory
2. Run a terminal, then enter the following commands
3. cd /usr/share/gnome-applets/gweather
4. sudo patch < ~/gweather-williamtown.patch

.. if all goes well it should say "patching file Locations.xml"
When that is done, change the preferences in the panel applet, update
the applet and see if it works. Let me know how it goes. If all is good,
I will send the patch to the relevant projects.

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