A couple of interviews you might be interested in

James Purser purserj at k-sit.com
Fri Sep 8 15:59:44 BST 2006

I've sent this through to sounder@ as well but I thought you guys might
be interested in it as well.

I have a couple of interviews that the ubuntu-au team might be
interested in listening too.

The first is with Luke Yelavich, an ubuntu dev who's working closely on
the Accessibility project. 


The second is actually a group of interviews with some of the regulars
on the ubuntu-au list as well as the ubuntu-au irc channel about what
they are planning for Software Freedom Day.

http://www.localfoss.org/node/235 - Andrew Swinn (Phlosten)
http://www.localfoss.org/node/214 - Paul Schultz (pschulz01)
http://www.localfoss.org/node/201 - Dale Hopkins (quail)

Let me know if this is too spammy for the list and I wont do it again :)

James Purser
Producer/Presenter - Open Source On The Air
A LocalFOSS Production
irc: #localfoss on irc.freenode.net
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