know of a list of native games?

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Fri Oct 27 06:49:03 BST 2006

On 27/10/06, Karl Goetz <kamping_kaiser at> wrote:
> hi all
> I'm wondering if there's a reasonably good list of games (FOSS or
> proprietary) for Ubuntu
> I'm after stuff that can showcase Ubuntu, but on lowish spec hardware.
> I'm not sure what spec. video cards the computers have yet, but its
> probably nvidia vantas of some sort.
> So far i have:
> (FPS's)
> All Quakes
> All Dooms
> Enemy territory
> Unreal Tournament
> Nexuiz
> (Misc)
> Freeciv2
> the gcompris stuff (some like it ;))
> Lincity

I've been playing "Cold War" naively for a while now, and "X2 : the
Threat" they're slow to play but fun and quite pretty.

Also I'm beta testing the native port of Serious Sam 2 and it's kinda
cool (a bit silly for my tastes but still fun)
I still love Never Winter Nights native as well.
and if I've had a bad day, I get a big kick out of the super
ridiculous and violent "Postal 2"

There is also an open source "War craft" type game that is simply
stunning as well, I forget what it's called though sorry...

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