Aussie download mirrors (was: Re: New Page Idea)

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Fri Oct 20 06:59:22 BST 2006

Internode is on pipe - you can use the internode mirror for free data (but
internode dont give out free pipe data sadly)
It would be usefull to make it the

On 10/20/06, Alan Harper <alan at> wrote:
> > On a related note, the very first thing I do after having installed
> ubuntu, is
> > edit sources.list to point to my local (internode) mirrored source so
> that
> > any updating doesn't eat in to my download quota.
> >
> > Is it all feasible to make this automatic for aussie users. i.e. After
> > installing, sources.list points to your isp's mirror if it has one for
> > ubuntu.
> >
> Its not always going to be that clear, I'm with Westnet for example,
> there mirror sucks, but I get free PIPE access in my state, and because
> of that I get free access to or
> I had to use tracepath to workout what was free
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