New Page Idea

Lex Hider floss at
Fri Oct 20 06:20:54 BST 2006

On Friday 20 October 2006 12:11, Neobyte wrote:
> Hey,
>        Just an idea for a download/ftp page for Australian users.
> I'm currently with Internode for my ADSL connection and they provide a free
> mirror of most distro's on Ubuntu and there's PIPE and Planet Mirror Etc..
> Should we create a Australia list of download sites?
> Regards
> Myles

On a related note, the very first thing I do after having installed ubuntu, is 
edit sources.list to point to my local (internode) mirrored source so that 
any updating doesn't eat in to my download quota.

Is it all feasible to make this automatic for aussie users. i.e. After 
installing, sources.list points to your isp's mirror if it has one for 



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