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Cefiar cef at
Fri Oct 6 06:54:38 BST 2006

On Friday 06 October 2006 15:24, Draicone wrote:
> I'm sure earlier versions of Outlook had such an option, but it only
> worked on Exchange Server and the email had to be sent to a fellow
> Outlook user. In addition, the user was given an option whether to
> send a 'message read' receipt (as it was called), but in the end this
> feature had to be cut due to the privacy issue. You won't find any
> such option on Linux as far as I'm aware.

You mean the option in Evolution to "Request Read Receipt" (under Insert) when 
composing a message? Or perhaps "Request Disposition Notification" (under 
Options) in Kmail? It's even in Thunderbird (don't have it installed, but 
it's there) too.

This is pretty much standard and it simply adds a header to the message. I 
don't think this is what he was asking for though.

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