Bounced posts...

Dave Dartnall darts at
Wed Nov 15 07:33:10 GMT 2006

On 5th November I posted a request for help on the list, and was advised 
that due to my not being a member I was out of order to post but that 
the list moderator would check the post and advise.

On the next day I emailed my apology, expressed the wish to join and 
subsequently registered as a member, receiving confirmation from you on 
Nov 10. On the following day I re-posted the original request  only to 
have it bounced again because it was too large but with the same proviso 
that it would be examined by the list moderator and that I would be advised.

I have yet to receive any response from you with the exception of the 
standard responses referred to - not even any of the ongoing daily posts 
to the list.

And I still need the help originally sought please.

Dave Dartnall

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