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Peter baker jellyware at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 08:06:36 GMT 2006

I have 6.06 LTS discs here if you want to order them from our local mailouts
(www.ubuntu.com.au , link on top right of screen)


On 11/7/06, Andrew Shugg <andrew at neep.com.au> wrote:
> Chris Jones said:
> > Can anybody send me a copy of the new Edgy Eft for 32bit and 64bit? I
> > wish to give it a shot but it's too big for me to download. I live on
> > the Gold Coast, QLD, and am willing to pay the $2-$4 for shipping or
> > whatever it costs.
> If you have a burner I can post you a DVD with all the necessary ISOs on
> it ... (i386 and amd64 desktop, alternate and server).
> Otherwise I can just mail you the two CDs you asked for, i386 and amd64
> desktop.  I've got these CD mailer boxes lying around unused so it will
> be good to use them for something.  =)
> Andrew.
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