k9copy Troubleshooting

Ian Chennell ian at chennell.com
Sun Nov 5 11:41:39 GMT 2006

Sounds like the reading/ripping process is skipping or dropping frames,
rather than the burning process being at fault. Usually, if the burn is
faulty the whole disk just ends up unreadable.

Chris Jones wrote:
> I have been testing DVD backup using k9copy and Dapper 6.06 64bit. It
> seems to all rip and burn fine but when it comes to playback, ALL the
> movies jump and skip. I have tried burning at speeds of 2x right up to
> 16x and using different brands of media but all to no avail. I have
> tried using 2 different burners with same problem. I have no idea
> whether it's a bug in the k9copy application itself or the Ubuntu
> operating system. Any ideas?
> Chris Jones
> chrisjones at comcen.com.au

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