Contacting South Australian Department of Education and Childrens Services

Andrew Foster andrew at
Wed May 24 01:53:08 BST 2006

Hi Paul

I happened to meet a senior representative from this department at CeBIT
a couple of weeks ago. I gave them an Ubuntu CD and we roughly planned
to talk more in detail at a later stage. That hasn't happened yet. If it
does however, it might make sense to work together?


- Andrew Foster
Solutions First - (02) 9476 0076

Paul Schulz wrote:
> Greetings,
> Recently, there was an email to the Ubuntu-au list regarding
> distributing Edubuntu software to a rural school in South Australia's
> ICT coordinator. It was excellent that this was able to occur.
> With the release of Dapper, I suspect that the rate if these requests
> will increase significantly (and so we hope :-)
> For everyones information, I'm am looking into how the distribution of
> Dapper to schools that want it, could be done better in South
> Australia, though the SA Department of Education and Childrens
> Services.
> No progress just yet.. I just sent my first email, but I'll update
> everyone via email, and at the next Tuesdays meeting.
> Cheers,
> Paul Schulz
> paul at

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