Showcasing Ubuntu 6.06 LTS

Andrew andrew at
Fri May 12 15:35:57 BST 2006

Christopher Lees wrote:
> Is it a "computer club", or really a Windows-users-group?
When I first attended one of their meetings I had the impression that it 
was just a windows user group, but upon returning I found that a few 
were trying Linux etc and were quite open to it. The group is quite 
small, I think they said they had 7 financial members and a few 
non-financial although they are trying to increase the numbers a bit 
more especially after a few suggestions from myself.

If the group gets bigger I just think it would be good for any new 
members to see that there is at least one dedicated Linux user in there. 
I think I am going to be busy doing lots of presentations of various 
aspects to Linux. A few are interested in learning a little more about 
the CLI.

I think I will use this presentation to briefly show various aspects to 
it and follow it up with more in depth presentations of certain aspects. 
ie will briefly show synaptic, then run a seperate tutorial with 
synaptic/apt-get etc.


Andrew Swinn (Phlosten)

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