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Steven Tucker steventucker at
Tue May 9 19:13:06 BST 2006

Hi all,

First up I would like to thank Paul Schulz for being the first person to 
jump in and assist with the documentation project.
He has posted in the blog about the start of his Not-For-Profit and 
community groups paper, please everyone visit and check out Pauls work. It takes all 
of a minute to do so, but would be a great boost, he obviously has some 
good ideas, but far greater than that, he is actually doing something 
about them.

Second I would like to thank William Grant for moving the blog and 
webpage accross to, he has gone out of his way 
to give me everthing I need to manage the project effectively, as well 
as a couple of tips within bash.

Lastly however, I must say it is a little dissappointing that I have not 
recieved a response from more people, in particular those that were 
preaching for a registered group, as the type of commitment required for 
this small project, is less than one tenth of the effort and commitment 
required to launch a registered group. I think this kinda proves that 
going the next step to a legal entitiy is one of daydreams, as I doubt 
very much any one would put the time and effort in.

For those of you who beleive I am being too harsh, I invite you to 
contribute to the docs project, we are all busy, we all have other 
things to do, but some of us make time, others make excuses.

We need volunteers to help, so far the only docs started have been by 
Paul and Dave Kempe with his email.
here is an opportunity to actually help create something, docs seem 
boring, but they are probably the most essential part of making the LoCo 
team of any use, and it can be alot of fun once you start.

thanks again to those who have taken the time to help out.


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