An Open Letter to the Ubuntu-au Members

dave kempe dave at
Fri May 5 13:07:52 BST 2006

Robert Stoffers wrote:
> Yes, I agree that it is nice to be able to point to local commercial 
> support if we are asked about it. It would also be nice to not be 
> influenced in any way, which currently isn't the case. Solutions First 
> own both the domain name and hence the registered business 
> name in this country "Ubuntu". This gives them an unfair advantage and 
> control over other Linux support companies we could also suggest and to 
> add to that I believe we have several employees who also toe the company 
> line within the team also (happy to be corrected on this). I would like 
> to see Ubuntu empowering the entire local ICT industry, not just one 
> local company riding the wave of free publicity and marketing whist 
> making a quick buck.

This is plain bullshit Robert. We aren't riding any wave of free 
publicity, we simply offer a service, and we encourage others to do the 
same. Also, our/my registration of the domain name does not imply the 
ownership of a registered business name - the rules allow you to 
register names for a product or service for which you provide. And then 
I gave it away as soon as someone asked, along with an offer of free 
hosting. Additionally, we are active members of OSIA (I am one of the 
directors), a group of businesses dedicated to growing the open source 
industry in Australia. I am also the treasurer of OSIA, and freely 
donate bookkeeping services and other expenses to it. I am happy for 
Ubuntu to empower the entire ICT industry and totally resent your 
assertion that we are some money-grabbing cowboys out for a quick buck. 
I like nothing better than helping people I meet get off their feet in 
supporting Ubuntu. Its better for business if there are many companies 
in this ecosystem - thats a plain and simple reason. I can point to 
others in OSIA or the Ubuntu marketplace and say, see, you don't need to 
worry about So1l dieing, there is this entire ecosystem here.
You are just making this stuff up, and I suggest you research it a 
little more.

> This latest "plan" to push for registered not-for-profit status does not 
> benefit the community at all. The only tangible benefit was point three 
> of the plan which only serves to help business such as Solutions First 
> pimp their support products to other businesses and government. The 
> worst part of this is that the Australian Ubuntu Loco Team would be 
> doing all of the marketing/hard work whist Solutions First sits back and 
> profits, all the time the team thinking they are doing this for the good 
> of Ubuntu and Linux. This stinks quite frankly and should be stopped.

Yeah totally, the whole thing was our idea! puhlease.
I have only gotten involved in ubuntu-au again after hearing it needed 
some direction. I have alot of experience in IT in SME's and 
corporations and with linux in particular and am happy to contribute on 
an equal and level playing field. But you know what, I don't need to 
justify my actions to you or anyone else, they speak for themselves. I 
am here to help, Sol1 is here to help, if you think its some conspiracy 
theory from our marketing department (not that we have one) then you are 
smoking something strong.


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