An Open Letter to the Ubuntu-au Members

Robert Stoffers rstoffers at
Fri May 5 08:21:37 BST 2006

Andrew wrote:
> A message to all current members of the Ubuntu Australian Team.
> We have posted online, an open letter directed at the members currently 
> existing within the ubuntu-au group. We would like to see some change 
> happen and we have outlined our concerns within this letter.
> Please take a moment to read through the letter that is located at the 
> following address:
> We would like to see further comments from members that would like to be 
> involved in elevating the current ubuntu-au group into a much more 
> professional body that can also present a professional image to the 
> industry.

I don't like any of these suggestions. What useful purpose will becoming 
any kind of legal entity serve that isn't already fulfilled by existing 
legal entities such as Linux Australia? As Jeff has mentioned previous, 
all we currently are (or should be) is a rag-tag bunch of Ubuntu-lovers 
with no formal commitment and I find this much more enjoyable and better 
suited to my current lifestyle (raising a family).

I also dislike the corporate slant everything within the Australian Loco 
Team seems to be taking. All of the current projects have some kind of 
pimping element to them, recent discussions on this mailing list involve 
similar discussions also. Companies such as Solutions First appear to be 
standing in the shadows waiting to cash in on support contracts once 
Ubuntu is pimped to the masses (at very little cost to them). The team 
feels less like a team of open source enthusiasts and more like the 
marketing arm of some company. Call me paranoid if you must, but 
something smells fishy to me.


Robert Stoffers

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