An Open Letter to the Ubuntu-au Members

Andrew andrew at
Thu May 4 12:53:21 BST 2006

A message to all current members of the Ubuntu Australian Team.

We have posted online, an open letter directed at the members currently 
existing within the ubuntu-au group. We would like to see some change 
happen and we have outlined our concerns within this letter.

Please take a moment to read through the letter that is located at the 
following address:

We would like to see further comments from members that would like to be 
involved in elevating the current ubuntu-au group into a much more 
professional body that can also present a professional image to the 

Please let us know what your thoughts are regarding this plan. Either 
email this mailing list for discussion or email us directly using the 
email addresses at the bottom of the letter. We also ask that those 
wishing to comment do so before this coming Monday, May 8th. On Monday 
evening once we have the significant support of members from the group 
we will be calling a special meeting to start working on the foundation 
the group needs.

If you have any trouble viewing the online version please email Andrew 
(andrew at

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