Do you have Trash or waste?

Matthew Davidson mjd at
Fri Mar 31 16:31:26 BST 2006

Yuki Cuss wrote:
> If I read correctly, your computer intoxicates you automatically!

You do indeed read correctly.

In one of those Douglas Adams moments with which I'm sure we're all 
familiar, when the most foul, blasphemous, and sexually explicit curse 
ever uttered passed my lips (for which we can thank the good people at 
CMU and the Cyrus IMAP server), it was carried through a freak wormhole 
in space/time to a gelatinous blob for whom this was the most flattering 
compliment imaginable.

In return I was sent a copy of Ubuntu "Tipsy Terrapin", from many years 
in the future (but bang on schedule, I hasten to add).

In this release, the standard BOFH cup holder has been upgraded to a 
drinks dispenser.  The README remarks that users migrating from Apple 
OSXVIII may find the /dev/chardonnay less crisp than they are used to, 
but it is at least preferable to the "My Boot Polish" offered by another 
proprietary software vendor, fallen on hard times.


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