Logs of our meeting earlier tonight.

Yuki Cuss celtic at sairyx.org
Tue Mar 21 12:53:59 GMT 2006

G'day everyone. (just to use a colloquialism!)

Here are the logs (in text and colourified by a nice script I just
wrote :)) of our meeting tonight. It was good to finally get together in
an organised way to talk about how things will go. I hope bzip2 is
okay. :)

Please note that we've scheduled unofficial `Wiki' meetings to happen
every other Tuesday; that makes the 28th of March (1000UTC). If you want
to talk about the Wiki (or our public face, in the terms of the Web),
please do head down to #ubuntu-au at this time. (note that, since these
aren't official, there're no guarentees that anyone will be there; you
can probably expect at least me and a few others, though :))

Furthermore, our next official meeting is 1000UTC (2000AEST) on the 4th
of April. Note that Australian Eastern Daylight ends, so most of the
country is uniformly timezoned.

I'm staying up for the Community Council meeting tonight, which has been
scheduled for 1600UTC today (that makes it 3AM for us), so I'll email
again with how that went after.

Good night!
 - Yuki.

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