HI, Problem get firewall going.

Michael Chesterton chesty at unconcerned.org
Mon Jul 31 08:48:46 BST 2006

Neil Dugan <ubuntu at butterflystitches.com.au> writes:

> Hi I am new to this list, if this is the wrong place to ask let me know.
> I have setup a ubuntu box for internet access and also as a firewall.
>  I can get on the internet from the firewall computer. :)   From the
> other computer I can ping both interfaces of the firewall (i.e. eth0
> and eth1).  :)
> But I can't ping the modem @ :(

First thought is the modem doesn't have a route for
192.168.5/24. But I'm not sure if the firewall is masquerading.

> The eth1 interface of the firewall does report receiving bytes (via.
> ifconfig) but I can't trace where that info is going.  I put lots of
> LOG actions in the iptables to find out where the ping was going but
> none of them report anything.  The program ethereal says the eth1
> interface is receiving lots of ARP requests for but no
> answers are sent.

I don't think eth1 of the firewall should be be receiving arp requests
for, sounds like the computer thinks is
directly connected to it's network, not via

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