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On Sunday 23 July 2006 21:05, "Paul Schulz" <pschulz01 at> wrote:
> Greetings Sridhar,
> I would like some advice on the best thing to do in order to help with
> translations..
> eg. Recently I did some 300 translation suggestions of 'coreutils' in
> en_AU (because I had the time and I could).
> What is the best/prefered way to contribute to the translation effort?
> (Should I join a team, and which one should it be?)

The best way to start is to join the ubuntu-l10n-eng list if you have not done 
so already:

The purpose of that list, at least to start off with, is to work out which 
ways should be 'preferred' and actively encouraged. My position is that we 
should focus on a first-class en-GB translation first. In doing so, we will 
have done about 90% of the work required for other translations like en-AU. 
The other translations can base their work off en-GB instead of en-US. In the 
end, everyone benefits.

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