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On Sunday 23 July 2006 04:16, Peter Garrett <peter.garrett at> 
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> Sridhar Dhanapalan <sridhar at> wrote:
> > This list is not intended to enforce one single English translation.
> > However, it may be most practical to first focus on a comprehensive en-GB
> > translation, which can then form the basis of other dialects such as
> > en-AU, en-IN, en-ZA and en-CA.
> Am I incredibly old fashioned in thinking that the GB / UK form of English
> is perfectly adequate for en-AU ?
> What deviations from that kind of English would help Australians?
> I can't comment on en-IN , en-ZA or en-CA ...
> Maybe my schooling was truly "old school"  As Dorothy Parker would have
> said, i always feel that the Macquarie Dictionary is a book not lightly
> to be put down - it should be *hurled with great force* ;-)
> Peter ( no, honestly, not trying to start a flamewar .... whistling
> innocently )

(note: I am cross-posting to the new Ubuntu-l10n-eng list from Ubuntu-AU)

It is exactly these sorts of issues that the mailing list was intended to 

Personally, I am in complete agreement with you. The differences between the 
different strands of written English within the Commonwealth are quite minor 
and in most cases are easily overlooked. There is nothing 'old school' about 
your view.

With that said, I am also a proponent of freedom of choice. If there are 
groups that wish to make their own translations, they can go right ahead. All 
I ask is that they join our mailing list so that they may discuss matters 
with everyone else. Working on their own (as the en_AU group is currently 
doing), they will be duplicating a lot of the work that has already been 
addressed by the en-GB group (which is the farthest along).

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