Taking the name of ubuntu in vain.

Karl G kamping_kaiser at internode.on.net
Thu Jul 13 12:53:53 BST 2006

On Thu, 2006-07-13 at 17:22 +1000, Shelagh Manton wrote:
> I noticed that Atomic magazine (which my son subscribes to) has had a
> series of articles on how to set up an "uber" box. The interesting
> thing is that they are using ubuntu as the OS. So far the series has
> run for 3 months. It looks like it may run for at least one more month.
thy are redoing a series they did with mandrake 8 (iirc), and using
today's trendiest distro :).
Its interesting they chose ubuntu, but not having seen what they do with
it i cant really comment on the content :)

> The magazine concentrates on hardware and games, but they have always
> had an article with tutorials on Linux. 
> Shelagh

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