APC Article

Ben Duivesteyn duivesteyn at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 12:26:17 BST 2006

Hi Guys

I've had a chat with Tim, and Im writing to say that he was happy and 
with a good chance of being published, but more importantly that the 
piece he is writing is only for a small section called 'Extreme Geek'. 
And thus , he is not writing a fully fledged article about ubuntu/the 
group, so there is no need to put any thing more on the wiki.

My correspondence was about the dapper drake release party, briefly what 
ubuntu-au is for and pointing him to some of the websites about the 
community for further reading. I spoke to him in best interests of the 
group, and he assured me that he would write the piece primarily on the 
community and not me (thank god ;p).

A picture from any Australian release party is still required and would 
definitely go in the magazine.

Thanks to all who contributed.
Ben Duivesteyn

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