APC Reply! from journalist Tim Gaden

Joshua Henderson ubuntu at joshhendo.com
Wed Jul 5 06:44:09 BST 2006

Great news! I will be sure to buy a copy of the mag if this makes it into it

I will be happy to help in anyway that I can :)

- Josh

On 7/5/06, Ben Duivesteyn <duivesteyn at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Guys good news.
> A reply from a journalist from APC interested in writing an article.
> He writes.
> -
> Hi Ben,
> I am a freelance journalist who does a bit of work for APC Magazine.
> Dan Warne has forwarded your email about Dapper Drake to me and asked me
> to get in touch with you.
> Are you able to chat with me on the phone about a few things, with a
> view towards getting something about the group written up in APC?
> Cheers,
> Tim
> -
> Tim Gaden
> Freelance Journalist
> Contributor, Whirlpool Broadband News | http://www.whirlpool.net.au/
> X Factor, APC Magazine | http://www.apcstart.com/
> Watchdog columnist, APC Magazine
> Hawk Wings: Apple Mail Tips and Plugins | http://www.hawkwings.net/
> tim at timgaden.com | 0419 114 697
> gtalk: timgaden at gmail.com
> GMT +10
> I have arranged to get a reply entailing what questions he wants answers
> for, of which i will forward to the group through email|irc|wiki, and
> which i will pass off the group answers within the next few days.
> Answers will be negotiated in IRC, and written up in the wiki. wiki
> topic is still https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Letter_to_APC
> SO please feel free to participate i want a group answer, and this is a
> very good opportunity for us. elk i believe that you would like to enter
> something about support so be sure to get in.
> Thanks all
> --
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Joshua Henderson
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