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Thanks Tanarri for your reply. See my reply to Cameron for details about how 
I'm going with Ubuntu>

Bob Gould

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> Bob Gould wrote:
>> I have just spent 2 days trying to get Ubuntu set up. I am an
>> educated layman with about 8 years experience in using MS Windows.
>> I have tried many Linux distros before including several versions
>> of Red Hat, Fedora Core 4, Kanotix & several others. I have not yet
>> found one that I am happy with or that I have sufficient knowledge
>> to be able to configure properly.
> Ref: <http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm>, it's a good read, please
> do check it out.
>> I have tried installing Wine, samba & other apts with Synaptic PM.
>> It appears to have installed the programs but they are only
>> downloaded to the cache.
> No, not quite. All programs are permanently installed; /usr/bin
> typically will contain any downloaded program's binaries, /usr/share
> will contain additional data for them, and /etc for system-wide
> configuration. ~/.[progname] typically contains (or is the)
> configuration file(s).
> If you're referring to the fact that there might not be any menu
> entries, that's a different matter entirely.
>> Synaptic installed gdesklets but when I log out the applets are not
>>  saved to the desktop & have to be re-launched each session.
> You have to *add gdesklets to the session* in order to tell it to be
> executed on start up. It won't magically realise that it should be;
> the choice (and action of doing it) is left up to you. To do this, see
> System -> Preferences -> Session, then find the tab I believe which
> reads `Current Session' and add `gdesklets' (or the appropriate
> command to be run at startup).
>> I can't get the Gnome Phone Manager to connect to my Motorola
>> mobile & can't find any documentation to help.
>> Now I've spent so long on it I've got a stiff neck & I'm pissed off
>> with another Linux distro.
>> It did find my cable modem & email was easy to setup.
>> Regards Bob Gould Ipswich, QLD
> Please do persevere with Ubuntu. You should find that - 90% of the
> time - it's rather effective.
> - Mailliw.

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