SD card reader not recognised ind Dapper

Linley Caetan linleycaetan at
Sat Apr 8 12:36:32 BST 2006

I just solved a problem with  my dapper box suddenly  not mounting my SD
card reader.
I had enough knowledge to go into /etc/fstab and add:
"/dev/sda1       /media/KODAK    vfat    rw,user,noauto  0       0"
 to this file.
unplug and plugin SD card inf fact its an mmc) and off we go.
This was annoying to me and I imagine terminal to the average mum and
dad user.
How can I trace what caused the card not to mount and make sure that
cards will mount in future.
Note: vfat is the only format recognised and written to  by my Kodak(may
they roast in hell) 7435 camera.
Further- on my upgrade to dapper I lost the very useful HAL device
manager and had to search for and install it through apt. Surely this is
an essential tool that needs to be in the distro.
Another rough edge that needs polishing.
An error message would have been nice too.
Can't complain though Dapper has been a revelation.

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