Dapper and HPLIP

Mark M Lambert mark+linux.ubuntu at marklambert.net
Thu Apr 6 23:07:21 BST 2006

On Fri, 2006-04-07 at 05:53 +0800, Matthew Vermeulen wrote:
> I had a HP PSC 1410 working in dapper a couple of weeks ago. Ran
> fine :) It just doesn't seem to work when the hp is on a windows
> share, the print light starts flashing but nothing ever happens:( so
> if you can tell me what that is I'll be grateful :) 

I'm having problems with HPLIP in Dapper as well. 
I have a USB HP printer/scanner and a USB modem. Printer/scanner works
fine until I bring up the network interface. After that modem works
fine, but if I then try to user printer/scanner the modem and the
printer both freeze (plus computer won't shut down completely). Any
ideas where I should start looking for errors?

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