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Wed Apr 5 08:21:59 BST 2006

Melissa Draper wrote:
> Peter baker wrote:
>> hey guys
>> sorry I did'nt make it to the meeting last night.  I was working late 
>> and Yuki and I could'nt get a irc/putty connection out of my work to 
>> join the meeting.  For future reference, does anyone know of a way of 
>> connecting to irc via a browser?
> does, but it believe that freenode has it blocked.
> there is another way. A friend of mine wrote a shoutbox client, for this 
> purpose, so i could irc out of TAFE before i knew about ictoadd or how 
> to shell through places :D I'll set one up before next meeting

You could poke though your firewall using something like Tor which 
freenode allows, there is also a Web to IRC gateway package out there 
but the name of it escapes me at the moment.


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