Melissa Draper melissa at
Wed Apr 5 06:23:14 BST 2006

Melissa Draper wrote:
> Morgan Storey wrote:
>> Mark M Lambert wrote:
>>> Ok, so going off the Official Artwork wiki page [1], I think we should
>>> use the Ubuntu strap logo [2] - it has The Ubuntu circle and next to 
>>> the
>>> circle the name Ubuntu and "Linux for human beings" underneath the 
>>> name.
>>> A good width for the stickers would be 120mm, about the same as a 
>>> CD, so
>>> height would be 31mm.
>>> I think printing the stickers on a white background is better than
>>> transparent as (a) it would be hard to read the black printing on a
>>> transparent background against a dark surface (eg. most laptops) and 
>>> (b)
>>> white is cheaper.
>>> Using the OzLabels custom sticker pricing guide [3] and my dodgy
>>> arithmetic we would be looking at $0.12 per sticker (not including
>>> postage) if we get just under 1300 stickers printed. Since there is now
>>> over 200 people on this list, we may need more stickers, and so the per
>>> sticker cost comes down.
>>> I've sent off for a few quotes. If anybody wishes to make any
>>> suggestions please let me know.
>>> [1] <> [2]
>>> <> 
>>> [3] <>
>> That sounds damn good, I'd be in to get a 100 or so stickers just to 
>> hand out to people, put on laptops etc. Shouldn't we put the url on 
>> it though?
>> I had an idea as well custom pc badges, I have found Ubuntu ones on 
>> ebay for 99p and I am tempted.
> I'd take 100 as well. Case badges are also a great idea, but quite 
> expensive. <> I'd much 
> prefer a case badge on my 'puter and settle for putting the ubuntu 
> sticker on my car.
Sorry Morgan, I replied this only to you. :-[

Here it is for the rest of the list.

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