[ubuntu-art] Ubuntu software update icon submission

Reda Lazri the.red.shortcut at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 14:16:54 UTC 2013

> Great icon Reda!
> If you let me make a suggestion, the ubuntu logo could be slightly larger
> within the orange area, because when the image is reduced to an icon, it
> may be too small to distinguish it. just an opinion.

Thanks, Gabriel. Yes, There is room for improvement there. :)

> That's pretty classy, thanks Reda.
Thanks. :)

The plastic grid texture would be lost at any commonly-viewed size,
> e.g. in the Launcher or the alert itself. But that may not matter.

> Why did you choose yellow for the roundel?
Like I said, it was a rebound to Sam's
so I didn't really think about the colors/shape. But the yellow is the
natural "glowing" state for a logo shape on an orange background. I can't
imaging something else working better.

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