[ubuntu-art] Ubuntu UI Design Concept

Radu Silviu Ionut ionuts.radu at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 05:14:37 UTC 2012

> I like the use of Ubuntu Medium instead of Bold. In Canonical we have
> been evaluating Ubuntu typography, and that's one of the changes we've
> considered too.
> In a deeply nested folder, moving the window might be difficult,
> because the folder hierarchy would span most of the title bar.
> It's odd that the brightest part of the window is an Eject button.
> Why did you make all the icons monochrome, both in the sidebar and the
> list view?
> - --
> mpt

I did monochrome icons because it felt slick and smooth keeping in mind the
Ubuntu Colors, I just felt right to make them monochrome. But also the
icons can get colored onHover, in the left Panel or to be use with another
icon theme easily colored.

I know some designers might hate me for this but: I actually like the
> monochrome icons..
> It makes everything feel consistent. I do agree however, that the focus
> shouldn't be on the eject button..
> Grts
> Wouter

The focus on Eject is not a volunteer graph, I wanted to incorporate
(somewhere) the Ubuntu Orange, and tried at first with the Eject button and
left it there, but didn't satisfied me either.
I will, for sure, rethink it.

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