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Thu Jan 19 00:19:39 UTC 2012

Ubuntu Artwork Team,

Hey everyone! I've come to introduce myself. My name is T.J. Barber, and I
am a Christian, web designer, budding artist, photographer, music lover,
and Linux user since 2005. I first used Ubuntu in 2007, and I really
believe that it's the Linux of the future (not including Android). I think
I've used every version of Ubuntu since 7.10. I have Ubuntu 11.10 on both
my desktop and laptop.

I've also been inspired by the beautiful work of PIXAR Animation Studios,
their spirit of creativity, and the way they convey emotion by using a
math-crunching computer. But in the end it's the best art I've ever seen,
and the only art I really can laugh or cry with. I've always been touched
by that, and it's something I aspire to. Though I may never make someone
cry with a photo, I know I can make them laugh or just make their day
better overall. And I also see Apple doing a similar thing, but the freedom
loving side of me comes out when using Apple hardware and software. Another
thing that affects me deeply is community, and though you do have a
community of Apple fanboys they're not creating and supporting together in
the way Ubuntu does (I love Jono Bacon's book *The Art of Community, *if
you couldn't tell!).

Sorry to go long, but I really love both art and Ubuntu and want to see
these loves merged. I'd really like to be part of the Ubuntu Art Team. I
enjoy taking photos and I'm working on learning Inkscape. There's a lot to
learn about graphic design, and even more to explore with photography.

Hope to talk to you all soon! I'm on Launchpad (
https://launchpad.net/~tjbarber09) and Twitter (
http://www.twitter.com/tjbarber09). =)


God bless!

T.J. Barber
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