[ubuntu-art] Ubuntu 12.04 DVD Cover - WIP

EldiS eldis.design at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 11:31:09 UTC 2012

So hey to you all again!
I haven't been around here in last year, as I jumped over 10.04 and 11.10
editions, but since Ubuntu is gaining some solidness again, I will do some
artwork related to it again.

This is the basic DVD cover concept I have on my mind for upcoming Ubuntu
12.04 LTS edition.
This is just a starting point. It might, and it might not look like final
version, but I think the main shell is there.
Comparing to my previous covers I wanted this to be the most clean and the
most effective one. And at the same time the most effect-less when it comes
to layer effects. Even I didn't follow ubuntu brand guidelines strictly,
there are enough elements to make this cover recognizable and ubuntuish.
Final version will include covers for all type of media boxes, like CD
boxes, DIY paper sleeves (like official ones), etc... But for now it is
just a DVD cover concept.

Here is the preview:

And here is the link to work itself:

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