[ubuntu-art] New Technology and Freedom

Amaresh Rajaratnam amaresh.linux at linuxmail.org
Sat Jul 16 06:33:49 UTC 2011

I am currenly going to bring a software for ubuntu to allow users to Install it and make their own website for free and upload it to our New Technology and Freedom web server. All users who have ubuntu only can create their own professional websites for free and upload. To create a website the software from NTF have to be installed in the computer. I am going to allow all the users who have this software to create website with unlimited Web Stroage, unlimited Bandwidth, with 5 Email accounts for all.

 This is a personal web project for ubuntu and to make ubuntu more popular than others. This free website creating will be easy to use and easy to grow your own business, organization and social networks. The free website will contain PHP Scripting.

 If you want to be a part of this project send us an email to (amaresh.linux at linuxmail.org).
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