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Wed Jul 6 10:20:55 UTC 2011

On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 4:36 AM, Iain Farrell <iain.farrell at canonical.com>wrote:

> **
> Hey all
> We'll welcome non photographic wallpapers just like we did in the last
> release although I'm not convinced that the Prateek's example is the way to
> go, not least because it doesn't feature the proper Circle of friends or
> logo type but also because it's adorned with Adidas logos and was clearly
> created as part of another campaign :)
> A wallpaper should try to be clean, simple and elegant. Someone's going to
> look at it for a long time. If no one's going to step forward then I'll
> happily run the process again. Let me know and we can get a blog post out
> this week to kick things off!
> Iain
> On 05/07/11 08:50, EldiS wrote:
> So this time it's only about photography, right? No graphically
> manipulated / designed from scratch, wallpapers?
> Heh, this sounds to me rather as a step backwards, not forward. But
> ok, I respect decision, whoever is responsible for this one.
> Ubuntu direction just continues to seem so wrong to me, in this last few months.
> Anyway, good luck with new wallpaper contest. Count me not for this one. ;)
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Great news! I suggest folks may need some guidance on submitting desired and
appropriate material. I have some thoughts on this subject I am willing to
share and will create a wiki page as soon as time permits for discussion.

IMO, once this is document is agreed ( no later than 7/11 ) we should be

Kind regards,

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