[ubuntu-art] Wallpapers in 11.10

ovi ovi_uan at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 6 08:42:25 UTC 2011

I'm in, just let me know when the kick off is, and also, I don't know the procedure, how do I submit stuff?


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> Hey all
>We'll welcome non photographic wallpapers just like we did in the
      last release although I'm not convinced that the Prateek's example
      is the way to go, not least because it doesn't feature the proper
      Circle of friends or logo type but also because it's adorned with
      Adidas logos and was clearly created as part of another campaign
>A wallpaper should try to be clean, simple and elegant. Someone's
      going to look at it for a long time. If no one's going to step
      forward then I'll happily run the process again. Let me know and
      we can get a blog post out this week to kick things off!
>On 05/07/11 08:50, EldiS wrote: 
>So this time it's only about photography, right? No graphically
manipulated / designed from scratch, wallpapers? Heh, this sounds to me rather as a step backwards, not forward. But
ok, I respect decision, whoever is responsible for this one. Ubuntu direction just continues to seem so wrong to me, in this last few months. Anyway, good luck with new wallpaper contest. Count me not for this one. ;)
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