[ubuntu-art] Problems with the Ubuntu wiki page's icons.

rAX the.red.shortcut at gmail.com
Fri Feb 25 14:39:55 UTC 2011

Hi, My name is Reda Lazri or better known as 0rAX0 in the community.

I, like everybody else, saw the announcement of the the new look on the
Ubuntu wiki pages. I kept starring at them for a while because they looked
inconsistent, so after a while I was able to identify some of the annoying

*The icons' style appears to be drawn by multiple people (two?)*
This is because the one on the right 'Local
looks more polished, has an old african style, consistent with Ubuntu's
naming origins. while the other ones are just plain "smilies", and one
emblem is actually cut out but rest are just drawn in white.
The icons have the over-used speech bubble*
Even if you consider this, at least do it right(one is going to the right,
the rest are going left).

*What is drawn isn't consistent with what's written*
What's the relationship between a 'wink' and a 'documentation'? exactly,

Finally, I know this maybe is a work-in-progress, so I'm suggesting some
sketches that I'm going to deliver them as SVGs as well when they're ready
(sorry for the quality).

*deviantART*: http://0rAX0.deviantart.com
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