[ubuntu-art] Ubuntu DVD Packaging Artwork - Getting Close to Final

EldiS eldis.design at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 09:12:03 UTC 2011

I think I'm done with this one. Some new fixes are applied on the side
icons, and it is left for considering till tomorrow, what will I do
with front Tux and side Gnome icons. Some people suggested it's not
that much related to Ubuntu itself, so, I don't know...

I will upload this tomorrow or day after in full pack, with CD/DVD
labels, on spreadubuntu and deviantART. And the psd file will be
included, if someone would like to add current edition info or

Here's what final will probably look like:

My next quest is to create a set of CD/DVD covers before Natty is
released, which will strictly follow Ubuntu brand guidelines, to make
it more official-alike. When time is come I will open new theme on
mailing list, so everyone is invited to contribute, with ideas and
concrete work.


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