[ubuntu-art] Ubuntu DVD Packaging Artwork - Getting Close toFinal

EldiS eldis.design at gmail.com
Sat Feb 19 18:39:34 UTC 2011

Heh... A lot of dislikes this time. It turned out that I'm going backwards.

About TUX and COF logo on front, yes, I noticed that they still look
different, but I don't know... I don't see such a big "mistake" there.
Maybe I'll do a cutout instead color overlay, to see how it's gonna
turn out.

On the side, COF logo is left with cutout area, so it is background
color, and not aubergine I used for the "Gnome" and "32-bit" icons.
I'll fix that. About logic, I'm not sure how the aubergine that I used
for all elements on the cover, is not logic.

About "it's up to date..." text area, I think I will leave it like it
is. I experimented with narrower sizes, and I didn't like it at all.

The spacing on the back side, I'm not finished with it yet. And to be
precise to a pixel point, spaces between circles are identical, on the
vertical and the horizontal axis, even if it seems different to some.
It's 50 pixels actually (on the real working file, cause the previews
I'm uploading are resized from 500 pix/inch to 300 pix/inch). But I
can agree with you, I think that increasing space between first and
second row would be a logical choice, and it will make those
"up-to-date" pictograms more related to corresponding text below.

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