[ubuntu-art] Where is the Love?

John Baer baerjj at gmail.com
Sat Feb 19 13:59:27 UTC 2011

Hello Everyone,

I see a couple of threads on this list have seen much activity. First, I
would caution everyone this is a public list and the words spoke here see a
much broader audience.

I have not read all of the threads but I see from Сергей last comments there
has been a suggestion of banning membership.

I will assume this dialog is directed toward me.

For the sake of discussion let's say I went away. What changes?

The team has one less member to submit artwork.

As I am not aware I have prevented anyone from doing as they wish - what

My desire has always been to encourage participation. If a member desires to
assume leadership start being a leader as there is no value in the assigning
of blame and the complaining of what could have been.

If I am truly the problem teach me and help me understand how I can do
better. Find the love as I assume members participate to add value to Ubuntu
and the greater community. There is no value in a "rant" or "flame".

If the driver for all of this is the Flickr group "General Illustrations" (
http://www.flickr.com/groups/uawt-10-0/pool/ ), what is the problem?

>From where I sit it seems to be working and adding value. It has been
suggested the Design Team will reject these submissions as they were not
posted to the Artwork group. If this is going to be a problem I am sure ***Iain
would have contacted me long ago.

*I encourage everyone to get back to our roots and share your talent by
posting submissions. I firmly believe Ubuntu and the greater community will
appreciate the love.

Kind regards,

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