[ubuntu-art] Ubuntu DVD Packaging Artwork - Getting Close to Final

Pumpkin Lord eldis.design at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 21:56:02 UTC 2011

Thanks for suggestions.

I will play with things you suggested, to see how it's gonna turn out.
About this Live CD thing, maybe it is better to remove it completely.
Content area will look more coherent, that's for sure. Somehow, it's
leftover from some old buggy OSs, to have that little "32-bit" mark,
or something, on the upper right corner, so i gues I should get rid of
it. :)

About back icons, that is something I'm not finished (and satisfied)
with yet. I wanted to use some Ubuntu pictograms, with some taglines
added below, but I have no idea which ones would make sense to be
placed on a cover, not to look totally out of place and illogical.

Some suggestions maybe...?

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