[ubuntu-art] Let's try something.. Project [PartyBox].

Saleel Velankar svelanka at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 16:04:11 UTC 2011

For the last cycle, there was too much competition and not enough

For oneiric I would like to release a set of materials that group's can
quickly edit for local promotion.

The *benefit* of this is that:

1. Convenience: No hunting required.
>need tshirts printed? partybox has designs.
>need posters, flyers? need dvd covers? need buttons? partybox has you
2. Design consistency.
3. This is a proactive project, we don't have to wait for some task to come
to us, this is something we can all work on starting right now.

Skills needed:

*Artwork*: some experience in dealing with inkscape/gimp/krita.
*Release*: we need to put this on a website. just a simple landing page,
explaining what it is, and a "DOWNLOAD" button. so we need someone with some
basic web experience. we also need a person that will push this idea to the
loco teams, hopefully we can get some critique , modifications back from the
loco artists.
*Backend*: we need to figure out a way to keep files sane, version
controlled. I am tempted to use github, since it does imagediff now. your
ideas are needed and most welcome.

We can use [Partybox] in the subject line on this list to discuss, share,
and collaborate on design. I hope you decide to be part of this. This is a
relatively simple project that will work to get some cohesion back to this
group. It will, I also believe that it will be useful, to smaller groups for
holding events/ parties etc...

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