[ubuntu-art] What would you like to work on?

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Mon Sep 20 18:07:11 BST 2010

May be it would be better if we build some wiki page with groups then
everyone of the more than one thousand subscribers can put her/his name and
contact instead of have one thousand emails.
Saturday I will come home earlier and then I can try to make it.

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On Sep 20, 2010 1:45 PM, "Jonathan Carter (highvoltage)" <
jonathan at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> Hi Thorsten
> On 20/09/2010 11:06, Thorsten Wilms wrote:
>> What would you like to work on? Don't be shy, this is not binding.
>> - Ubuntu
> I guess spending time on Ubuntu artwork isn't really worth while, since
> pretty much anything that the community submits will probably be
> discarded in favour of what the paid-for designers are doing.
> There's a community-themes package though, personally I'd really like to
> have more of the really nice GTK themes that's available from gnome-look
> in there. Ambiance is nice, but there's some things it does quite badly
> (like not transparent panel items) that I and many others like to use.
>> - Kubuntu
>> - Xubuntu
>> - Edubuntu
> I'm currently doing most of the artwork work in Edubuntu, Here's some of
> the things I worked on for the Lucid branding -
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Edubuntu/Artwork/LucidBranding, for Maverick we
> just refined that, I guess I should make a new wiki page for the
> Maverick branding as well (even though late).
> As part of Edubuntu or on a personal capacity I might end up adopting
> the breathe icon theme (either in part or in whole) since we're using it
> in Edubuntu and it needs some work to be closer in line with Ubuntu's
> artwork vision. It would be great to have it updated while still
> retaining the original design goals of the icon theme.
>> - Lubuntu
> When the first Lubuntu talks started I actually had some artwork
> prepared for Lubuntu, but my packaging at that stage wasn't quite up to
> scratch to get my changes in before the artwork freeze (this was way
> back in the Karmic cycle). I haven't looked at it since, but I'll do so
> some time and if it seems like they still need a hand I'll ask them if I
> can help.
>> - Distribution/flavor independent
>> - Themes
>> - Wallpapers
>> - Icons
>> - Posters, flyers, marketing material
>> - Requested artwork for *buntu-related projects
>> - Sounds
>> - Videos
>> - Planning
>> - Implementation (draw a wallpaper, edit a gtkrc ...)
>> - Packaging
> I'm a MOTU and I'm also a reviewer on the REVU system, so if someone has
> packaging they want reviewed or are in need of assistance then they are
> welcome to contact me on IRC.
>> - Testing
>> - Bug fixing
>> - Write a better theme engine
>> - Fix theming related issues in GTK+
>> - Develop infrastructure to assist creative processes and/or making our
>> work easily available
>> - Anything else I didn't think of?
>> What are your related skills and experiences?
>> Are there issues that have been hindering you, that we could address,
>> perhaps? Am I scary?
> There are people much scarier out there.
> -Jonathan
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