[ubuntu-art] What would you like to work on?

Dea Million dea at deamillion.com
Mon Sep 20 16:27:04 BST 2010

I've also been lurking on the list for a while, only to contribute when I didn't have to be too technical.  Meaning, do JUST the art and not have to package.

I'm one of those that Martin talks about....
>>>>>Part of the problem with art from a packaging side is that very few artists know how to package themes, wallpapers and other things, should we have an education project based around that<<<<<<<

I know that if I had adequate time, I'd be able to learn the mechanics of packaging.  However, until that day, I'm seeking fun and EASY work... like t-shirt designs and simple marketing materials.  

> What would you like to work on? Don't be shy, this is not binding.
> - Ubuntu


> - Kubuntu
> - Xubuntu
> - Edubuntu
> - Lubuntu

I haven't worked or seen any of these other distributions.  

> - Distribution/flavor independent
> - Themes
> - Wallpapers
> - Icons

All include packaging.

> - Posters, flyers, marketing material

Yes.  Very interested.

> - Requested artwork for *buntu-related projects

Not sure what this is.

> - Sounds
> - Videos


> - Planning
> - Implementation (draw a wallpaper, edit a gtkrc ...)
> - Packaging
> - Testing
> - Bug fixing
> - Write a better theme engine
> - Fix theming related issues in GTK+


> - Develop infrastructure to assist creative processes and/or making our
> work easily available

This is a great idea!  I'd be interested in helping brainstorm around this idea. However, not sure how else I can contribute.

> What are your related skills and experiences?

Computer Based Training... would be nice to work on the future of CBT for Ubuntu.  Also, see my website for more... www.deamillion.com

> Are there issues that have been hindering you, that we could address,
> perhaps? Am I scary?

Haven't met you yet... maybe you are scary? ;)
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